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She is mine and I am hers. As it should be.

[Finishing reading @EllenShelton_ ‘s post. Smiling.] Haven’t stopped smiling since we said I do again. Is it possible that your face can truly get stuck in a frozen emotion? You know the saying…”careful your face might get stuck that way.” [chuckle] Mine can get stuck this way all it wants to. [looking down at the band on my ring finger]

Man and wife. Where we should have been from day one. Sometimes you have to lose something to know what you got. That was us. We were lucky enough to learn from it and find each other again. I won’t make the mistake twice. She is mine and I am hers. [Looks over at Ellen] Wonder how she feels about number 3? [devious grin]

Just down the hall..

[Laying in my bed, arms behind my head.] She’s just down the hall.  One door down, sleeping soundly, or is she? I’ve barely slept. [Rolling over onto my side, my eyes close remembering.] I can remember clearly the way we were together. 

The sounds she made, the sigh when I reached over and woke her.  The feel of her bare skin and the reaction to my touch. Our lips meeting, the growing of the kiss. The long slow love making sessions before the girls woke for the day.  [Low groan, rolls back onto my back] 

The kiss last night brought it all back in a rush. I ache for her, never realized how much I missed her. Not just physically, all the way around. That day in Scotland, arriving to pick up the girls. I knew I was right in my decision to bring her home too. Last night reconfirmed. Every day since her home coming has confirmed. 

I’ve never stopped loving Ellen. I’m where I belong, we’re where we belong. Together, as a family. 

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